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About us.

About Us at Cross Country Creations.


Amy and Wayne Crosby.


Amy and I (Wayne) have been married for over 31 years and have always loved the outdoors. We both come from large families that loved to go camping, fishing and hiking and had many adventures which nurtured our love of the Great Outdoors!

We have 5 children and tried to keep that love going for them as well throughout the years and enjoyed many hikes, camping trips and ATV adventures together as the kids grew up.

I always wanted a Jeep Wrangler ever since the re-design in 1997 but for one reason or another it just was not in the cards until the family Suburban finally broke down for the last time in the summer of 2020 and the need for a large SUV was no longer there as the children were grown and mostly on their own. Amy said “Wayne, go get your JEEP!” And I was off.

We found the deal we wanted on a gently used Firecracker Red 4 door Wrangler JLU with a hardtop and the adventure began.

Now that we had the Jeep, what next? Where should we go? How do we know if the trail we chose is doable for our stock Jeep? Who do we go with? What are the items we need to be safe and to help us get out if we get in slightly over our heads? What kind of modifications do we want to make our Jeep more capable and to personalize it to us? These and many more questions ran through our heads (at least my head anyway). The answers came slowly as the internet and google maps were searched for options and a few known easy trails were explored but the first real Jeeping adventure came on a Saturday morning when we were at the local gas station hangout in Virginia called “Sheetz” where we went to get some drinks and munchies and were trying to decide where to go. A stranger walked up to us and asked if we were going Jeeping and asked if we wanted to tag along with them and their friends on a local trail they had heard about. They handed me a walkie talkie so we could communicate with the group, and we were off! The trail was about 10 miles away from the Sheetz station and proved to be a afun trip that was a bit of a challenge for a newbie with a stock Jeep with road tires but was handled fine and the day turned out to be very fun and some friendships were made with new people who lived on the other side of the mountains about an hour away.

The trails in Virginia are frequently overgrown with bushes and branches and our new-to-us Jeep was starting to get a few new “pinstripes” courtesy of the branches and it was officially “christened” as an off-road vehicle. We were able to get some larger and more aggressive tires on the Jeep and that really changed the look as well as the off-road capabilities of the vehicle. 

Stock tires on a Wrangler Sport are definitely geared toward the road, not the trail and also, I really didn’t like the look of them. I was also concerned about getting flat tires out on the trail and I chose 10-ply tires that were more of an All-Terrain tire as this was going to be used on road as much as off and I didn’t want to hear the roar of my tire tread over everything else. There are many great tires and brands to choose from and people have their preferences, so I won’t get in the middle of that debate right now. I do, however, recommend a higher load range tire like the 10-ply (load range E) as they have a much higher puncture resistance out on the trail giving you more peace of mind when navigating the back woods and rocky roads you will undoubtedly encounter. Amy also thought the new tires made the Jeep look a lot more sexy and less wimpy or “pedestrian” as I called it. She said she wished we had done it sooner… (I had been suggesting the new tires for quite some time 😉)

The next question was how to make it a bit more personalized, and some vinyl stickers were purchased to go on the front fenders and the side rear windows. The front fender decals were easy to install but the side window decals proved to be much more of a challenge as they were die cut and a bit intricate with trees and mountains that were stubborn and difficult to install. This type of decal is also very unforgiving and when mistakes were made (of which there were many) they proved difficult if not impossible to fully correct. The end result looked pretty good but definitely not perfect and many people gave positive comments about the new look of the Jeep. The problem was, if I wanted to change up the window covering/decal, the old one would have to be scraped off with a razor blade and thrown in the trash never to be re used again. Goodbye decal, see ya later, Money down the drain so to speak.

My son Brady gave me some off-road lights for Christmas to mount on the fenders and we ran it like that for about a year. By this time, we had become full empty nesters and moved to Southern Utah (the off-road Mecca for Jeepers). We were always taking pictures wherever we went of the beautiful places we visited and wanted to change things up a bit and customize our Jeep a bit more and did some brainstorming on how to put some high-resolution images on our Jeep that would be a lot easier to put on and take of and switch out at will. We started testing some different ideas for several months and came up with the current product that just about anyone can install and can change out at any time without much effort. We figured that other Jeepers would like to customize their Jeeps as well and Cross Country Creations was born!

Cross Country Creations offers many different styles of window covers from Patriotic to National Parks and beautiful landscapes. We also have the ability for Jeep owners to send us a custom image of their choosing that can be used on their vehicle to make it truly “One of A Kind”.


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